Our Technology

An eclipse of precision, confidence, safety and affordability in your Ultrasound Assisted Needle Guidance procedures.

EchoGuide is agnostic with the ultrasound machine due to its proprietary technology.


  • INPUT: The Ultrasound probe transmits an energy signal which is received by the piezoelectric Transducer at the tip of the needle and sent to the processor.
  • PROCESSING: The Processor uses a proprietary algorithm to validate the ultrasound signal and triggers an ultrasound impulse from the needle-mounted transducer.
  • OUTPUT: The impulse is received from the Transducer and the ultrasound machine displays a blinking cursor to the exact position of the needle tip (no calculation as with other active echogenic solutions).
  • Proprietary patented technology allows EchoGuide to work with common needle sizes.

EchoGuide received a significant amount of attention from physicians and this signals a potential high adoption rate of our technology.
(A survey was carried out to 200 Physicians with more than 5 years of experience and doing PNBs on their every day routine in the US, 2017)

Our value proposition is tested and verified by Physicians. It provides:

  • Greater accuracy in localization of the needle tip
  • Greater visibility of consistent flashing indicator with constant recognition better than leading echogenic needles
  • Greater success rate of procedures (safer & effective)
  • Reduced hospital costs due to lower Length-of-Stay and faster procedures
  • Improved patient care via reduced recovery time of patients
  • Ergonomic hub design gives the ability to orient the needle

Confidence and Consistency in clinical operations appear to be the most critical factors that the Physicians seek and EchoGuide provides.

Please see our product portfolio that includes a Processor, Needles, Kits and Trays.