Company Focus

Regenesis and revolution in your PNB procedures and beyond.

Ultrasound is an invaluable tool in needle guidance procedures, as it:

  • allows visualization of the anatomy of the region of interest
  • provides more informed guidance for the needle pathway to the
  • target, assisting to avoid structures that could be damaged by the needle
  • promotes Peripheral Nerve Blocks (PNB) which is a far safer alternative to General Anesthesia, providing faster recovery, a significant reduction in post-surgical pain, and better pain relief compared to opioids
  • gives greater efficiency and higher patient comfort for peripheral intravenous access, collection of fluids, and tissue biopsies

Due to its higher level of patient care and cost benefits, PNB is the fastest growing market in anesthesiology with 6.8% CAGR. It is a better alternative to General Anesthesia because:

  • There is no collateral or tissue damage
  • It allows faster recovery of the patient and shorter Length-of-Stay in hospitals
  • It reduces the use of opioids which is a burden on the healthcare system both economically and clinically (post-surgery addictions and abuse)

Poor needle visibility creates both clinical and economical implications.


Anaesthesiologists view the inability to see the tip of the needle as a significant challenge in using ultrasound.

  • accidental nerve punctures or collateral (ir)reversible damage to surrounding tissue or arteries
  • reduced effectiveness of the therapy
  • extended procedure times with more Length of Stay (LOS)
  • lower physician confidence due to inconsistent and unreliable needle tip visibility


Existing solutions of needle tip tracking offered in the market today are sub-optimal:

  • Ultrasound machine dependence
  • High capital investment in new Ultrasound equipment
  • Long term lock-in with one brand
  • Non-intuitive use and required additional training
  • Modified workflow

Hence, we would like to underline the unmet need which is our aim to satisfy.