Superior visibility in your Ultrasound Assisted Needle Guidance procedures.


The ability to “see” inside the human body with perfect accuracy to provide direct pain relief or for improved efficiency in intravenous access, tissue biopsy or fluid collection will provide a great advancement in patientcare. There are certain procedures that add a great deal of value to the patientcare where ultrasound (US) is combined with invasive tools such as needles. Peripheral Nerve Block (PNBs) is a great example which is an important tool for pain relief and often used for total loss of feeling during surgery. US is used in the majority of these procedures to image the anatomy and guide the needle towards the target. Since the needle and the target are both small and challenging to pinpoint, the outcome of the procedure is very dependent on the skill of the physician. More than 29m medical procedures per year (out of 129m in total) could be faster, more successful and less painful with shorter patient recovery time, if accuracy were higher. The overall global market size is estimated to be €583 million per year.


A transducer located on the needle tip receives the incoming Ultrasound signal, distinguishes it from the background using a specialized algorithm, and processes the return signal in real-time. This results in the tip lighting up like a beacon in the Ultrasound image. Echoguide technology has the potential to increase efficiency and effectiveness of procedures while providing greater consistency, confidence and cost savings with nerve blocks and other Ultrasound- guided needle interventions. Our current (1.0) and future technology (2.0) development will help physicians increase their confidence and consistency in the clinical outcomes. Avanos has developed EchoGuide technology which features accurate needle tip localization inside the human body. It is an active needle tip identification technology that addresses the shortcomings of current technologies. EchoGuide will excel in the clinical procedures with common gauge needles in the following areas: – Peripheral Nerve Blocks – Peripheral Adult Intravenous Access – Tissue Biopsies – Amniocentesis – In-vitro Fertility

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